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Are you battling with freezes?

Check this out!ūüĎá

After a long period of trying and testing hair products, we have finally come up with something incredible with the perfect solution to long lasting hair care journey. I don’t joke with my hair and I know a lot of naturalistas don’t do same and at one point suffer from hair loss (loosing edges), split ends and slow growth. We’ve got you covered, with products made with pure natural & organic products that’s very effective and affordable.

Grab your essential healing oil and deep conditioning butter at affordable price.

Contact us at: info@jaybushkinkycom or call this number 09021873252

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Hot oil Treatment

Why Hot Oil Treatment?

The purpose of performing hot oil treatments on your natural hair is to allow the heat  bring blood circulation to the scalp, which will open up the pores in your scalp to truly nourish and penetrate underneath the hair follicle to provide healthy, moisturized hair from the root. Performing the hot oil treatment only needs to be done once a week and should always be done on unwashed hair and followed up with shampoo and conditioning per usual.


Ways to do a Hot Oil Treatment.

Heat oil first: Heat up your favorite oil (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) in 30 second increments in the microwave until it is at the desired temperature (do not make the oil too hot). Apply directly onto unwashed hair and scalp. Apply a shower cap and leave on. To get the full benefits of the treatment, leave on for at least an hour (and can be left overnight).

Using heat: Apply your favorite oil to your unwashed hair and scalp thoroughly. Apply a shower cap or heating cap and sit under the dryer for 30minutes to an hour.

No heat: Apply your favorite oil to your unwashed hair an scalp thoroughly. Apply a shower cap and let sit at least one hour. (You can add a towel to wrap around the shower cap and your hair to capture even more heat.)

Our Recommended way to do a hot oil treatment is without any heat. Our scalp releases heat already, so all you need to do is capture it so that it may open your pores and allow the oil to penetrate with the help of a shower cap (and towel if you want). There’s no need to add heat using a microwave (to heat the oil) or with a dryer if you don’t have to.

N/B Pre-poo‚ÄĚ is an oil treatment added to hair before shampooing or conditioning. In most cases doing this before exposing your hair to potentially harsh shampoos can help provide your hair with a little extra moisture. Then you cover it and leave it for few minutes. I cover mine for at least 30minutes.

Current product in my Cart:

=Coconut oil and Shea butter
=Optimum oil therapy
=Castor oil

=MGL coconut and Shea butter hair pomade

=Organic root stimulator( softening hair. &scalp lotion)

=Leave in,,Dr miracle
=Gentelle hair fruit

=Natural Vutal

=Nature vital

Product for my Twist and Curls include the following:
=Lock and twist
=Beautiful Texture Curl definer mousse
=Beautiful Texture. Moisture butter

Natural treatments with the following:


Shea butter
Coconut. Oil
Olive oil
Shea Moisturiser

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4 Things One should Know Before Transitioning to Natural hair.

Questions people ask!

What is natural hair?
Natural hair is not having any extra substances or chemical added;0: not containing anything artificial. The meaning of the word differ from one woman to the next but must agree on this …. natural hair is hair that is no longer straightened through the use of chemical straightening agents
Natural women, on the other hand prefer the versatility of styling, being able to revert between curly and straight styles.

In some instances, women who prefer natural styling are at times frowned upon by relaxed women who sometimes jeer at their hair texture referring to it as nappy or rough.¬†¬† Not all women who choose not to relax their hair are ‚Äúfor the cause,‚ÄĚ so to speak.¬†¬† She may simply desire to rid her hair of chemical processing and avoid the risk of damage that may follow.¬†¬† She might also find processed hair to be somewhat of a nuisance and more difficult to attain fullness in her styling.¬†¬† She might find that she can grow and maintain longer lengths with natural hair.
What is chemically processed hair?
Relaxed hair has gone through a chemical process which removes the strong curl in hair, making it somewhat straight, or “relaxed”.

Relaxing hair may make it more manageable but it also has its setbacks.   When the bond is broken allowing kinky hair to become straight, it also weakens the hair follicle.   Because of this, relaxed hair is more susceptible to breakage.   By nature straighter hair is less dry and if this is the deciding factor between relaxed and natural, then relaxed wins easily. While some natural ladies feel as if women who choose to relax their hair are betraying their African roots, relaxed ladies feel that they are constantly under attack by the naturals over their choice to process their hair.

This is typically when the hair is allowed to grow for a duration of time without relaxing the new growth. This means that one needs to manage both the relaxed ends and the unrelaxed hair the same time, which is very difficult to manage.
This go from few months, my transitioning duration was three months before I did my bug chop. It can also go from a month to a year.
The duration starts from when one stops applying relaxed on the hair till the period they cut off the new growth. Some people take a longer period to transition which could even last for more than a year but the longer the duration the difficult it is.
Big Chop
This is the stage one typically cuts off the relaxed bends after the transition period, when there’s new growth.
This is done by using a pair of scissors to trim off the relaxed ends and also stopping the application of relaxer. N/B Texturizers are mild relaxers so if you really want to stay natural stay off chemical straightening agents.

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Product Review: Avon naturals Hair care. 2 in 1 Shampoo and conditioner +vitamin Complex

Wash day routine with one of my favourite products.

Hello friends!

I must confess, i had a lovely wash day with this product, my hair felt so soft and shinny. I’ve had this product for a long time now but was just waiting for the right time to review it, since I didn’t use it…..had no story to tell.

I think what sets my hair growth  is my diligence and consistency.  In other words, I never forget about taking care of my hair. I never realized how creative I was until I went natural, all of a sudden I was able to do so many cute things with my hair that I never knew I could do.


My hair shrinks so bad that i have to make two strand twist before i wash my hair. I prefer to shampoo and condition with twists in my hair.  Remember how I detangled my hair during my pre-poo? Leaving the twists in my hair keeps my hair detangled and makes my wash session a lot faster then it used to be.  I apply the shampoo to my roots and then massage really well. I use the excess shampoo to clean the twists and squeeze them very well while I’m rinsing. I do the same for conditioner.

I have been using Natur Vital shampoo and conditioner and it has also been one of my best products . Natur Vital Henna shampoo protects Colour and gives healthy shiny hair. Best shampoo for coloured hair. A new double NATURAL ACTION formula that brightens and protects your colour. The result is soft,shiny hair with long lasting colour. The colour Shampoo contains natural ingredients Henna a natural colouring extract, makes your hair shiny and strong and gives it lots of body. The result is enhanced colour for your hair. Sunflower seeds extract is rich in polyphenals; these protect the hair from the aggression of ultra violet rays and free radicals.

My love for Natur Vital didn’t allow me to change my shampoo and conditioner till my aunty got me this product (Avon naturals Hair care. 2 in 1 Shampoo and conditioner +vitamin Complex) .

Product Description

Avon Naturals 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner Grapefruit & Passion Fruit+Vitamin Complex gives hair shine, radiance and more fullness -formulated with vitamin B.

Natural hair feels good when one uses the right product, follows the right routine and builds a regimen.

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Natural Hair Story with Gabriel Sacramento From Brazil.

Hair story of a natural angel I admire.

My name is Gabriel Sacramento From Brazil .

The story of my hair.

It all started with my parents, my mother straight hair brunette and my father white with freckles. I had a blonde hair curly after came my birth,a baby blonde hair balancing curly and very hairy (it is very common, Babies in Brazil are born hairy)

Everyone called me an angel and some still call even ¬†today. As I grew older my hair would go dark until It came to light brown. I never realized how beautiful my hair was only to discover and admire myself when I was 15 years old and that was ¬†when I began to take care of my hair more: dehydration, conditioners, creams, oils […] That ¬†was also when I started to notice the prejudice of the people and the prejudice of the world since I was discovering how really it was although I had never given importance to these despicable beings, sometimes I felt sad for the world to still have people like these. Anyway, I now see in my hair the source of my high esteem of where I draw forces like Samson after God, my timidity, fear, insecurity, everything bad is absorbed and eliminated from my life with every little bit that I cut from the ends of the my hair.


Here’s the story of his natural hair ?. Also, if you can read this story below, ride on ?! The story wasn’t submitted in English, I had to translate it so if you understand the story below….. it will really help , I had to reduce to what I could translate.

This is the Story as submitted by Gabriel:

A hist√≥ria do meu cabelo: tudo come√ßa com os meus pais, minha m√£e morena do cabelo liso e meu pai branco,com sardas, loiro do cabelo crespo ap√≥s veio o meu nascimento um beb√™ balan√ßo loiro do cabelo cacheado e muito cabeludo ( √© muito comum beb√™s no Brasil nascerem cabeludas ) todos me chamavam de anjinho ainda chamam at√© hoje ainda mais quando ouvem minha voz dizem ser t√£o angelical kkk. Com forme fui crescendo meu cabelo ia escurecendo at√© chegar na tonalidade castanho claro¬†Nunca percebi o quanto meu cabelo era bonito s√≥ fui descobrir e me admirar j√° com meus 15 anos de idade que foi quando comecei a cuidar mais do meu cabelo: hidrata√ß√£o, condicionadores, cremes , √≥leos[…] foi tamb√©m quando comecei a notar o preconceito das pessoas o preconceito do mundo j√° que estava descobrindo como realmente ele era embora nunca tivesse dado import√Ęncia para essas seres desprez√≠veis as vezes eu me sentia triste pelo mundo ainda ter pessoas como essas.¬†Enfim, eu agora vejo no meu cabelo a fonte da minha alta estima de onde tiro for√ßas como Sans√£o depois de Deus , onde minha timidez, medo, inseguran√ßa, tudo de ruim s√£o absorvidas e eliminadas da minha vida a cada nozinho que corto das pontas do meu cabelo.


Joy Unyimeh Bush (Jaybushkinky

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