For all the kinky-haired ladies out there, I’m sure some of you have had some challenges washing your kinky hair just the same way i face some during my wash days.
I have been on a two-strand twist for three weeks now preparing myself for my img_20160825_161630.jpg day, my twist became old , looked so full and i started getting questions like “when did you lock your hair,
How will you losen it, won’t it damage your ends? Bla bla bla,,,,,,,,and i was like, “it just a two-stand twist, it won’t damage my hair and i didn’t lock my hair”. All in preparaction for my wash day

Often times we dedicate a whole day to the cleansing ritual of our hair. While your routine may be similar to another person’s wash routine your routine should not be identical to anyone else’s, because your hair is not identical to anyone else’s.

There are few things i keep in mind when washing my hair

  • img_20160825_160636.jpg· When washing my hair i want it to be clean, but not dry [that’s a bit moist] jaybush kinky likes it moist..,,,,,,,,Moreover my hair is very annoying when its dry, i dunno about yours.  Shampooing your hair can strip it of moisture and leave you with dry hair. Avoid shampoos that contain salt, propylene glycol, and parabens.



  • ·Prepare your hair for the wash. (Pre-poo)

I Section my hair off into more parts and apply your pre-poo.

Section your into more parts depending on the length of your hair                                        A “pre-poo” is an oil treatment addedto hair before shampooing or conditioning. In most cases doing this before exposing your hair to potentially harsh shampoos can help provide your hair with a little extra moisture. Then you cover it and leave it for few minutes. I cover mine for at least 30minutes.



  • Shampoo your hair.
    Based on how long and thick your hair is you’ll need a different amount of shampoo to work through your hair, mine consumes so much shampoo because its very thick. My current shampoo is “Natur Vital Henna shampoo Forgot to tell you I’m a product junkie, i try a lot of products most times i get scared of the damages.
    As you do this make sure you work on massaging the shampoo on your scalp to ensure that it becomes free of product buildup. Work the shampoo through the hair and try to elongate the strands rather than rubbing them to the scalp. This prevents tangles.img_20160825_172452.jpg
  • Condition your hair

To condition your hair continue using the same method. Be generous with the amount ofconditioner you use, elongate the hair, work in sections, and rinse.

  • Dry your hair with towel

When drying your hair squeeze out as much of the water as you can before towel drying; as much as possible, avoid rubbing your hair with your towel —especially if you’ve chosen not to braid or twist your hair in sections. This will help to prevent tangles.

After my wash day my hair felt renew and shinny.

Off for my protective style for the week