My natural sister NGOZI NORMAN introduced me to using these lovely products  and i play with it alot because it gives my hair a very soft. I absolutely love this product! I don’t use anything but this cantu & coconut oil & water, occasionally aloe vera juice but this product gives me the moisture & weirdly the definition of my curls that I have not gotten from any other product & it’s very cost effective. . Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream is an intensive deep penetrating leave in cream conditioning treatment that is made with pure shea butter and other natural oils to stop and mend breakage, repair split ends, and add manageability and shine with every application

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3 comments on “Product Review: CANTU SHEA BUTTER

  1. ReeNoun

    I’m lovin’ the cantu products too!

  2. Jaybushkinky

    Yeah Reenoun, I so much love it.

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