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Welcome to JAYBUSH KINKY NATURALs blog, My Name is Joy Unyimeh Bush from Akwa Ibom State, was born 14th August, a graduate of All Nations University Ghana, Studied Accounting.

Let me tell you the story of how this natural hair site came to be and relate my long journey from relaxers back to natural hair.

I transitioned as a result of losing my edges, every two weeks I’d suffer through getting my hair washed, combed and pressed with a hot comb heated… everyday i see Ghanaians with lovely natural hair and keep asking them questions about their hair and I got responses like “our hair is gift from God, Ghanaians are endowed ” ………..hmmmm so Nigerians are not endowed?? It was’t easy trimming my wonderful half-long hair  ,,,,, 


I had no idea about how to care for my hair and my Mom, not having experience about natural, had no clue either. At first my friends, my father, my sisters were horrified because my hair wasn’t only looking spongy , was unkept, and all. My hair felt spongy and dry no matter what I did to it. Hot oil treatments with olive oil helped , but really it was just too late to do anything to fix my poor relaxed part of the hair. I ended up getting it all the relaxed part cut off leaving the undergrowth which is today my healthy natural.

i came up with this blog to enable me share the little knowledge i have with you naturalistas out there, i love natural.


Questions people ask!

Why natural?

What motivated you to go natural?

How do you choose your hair products?

What are your routine?

Would you advice someone go natural? Etc

The Answers I give

1.The reason why I decided to cut my long relaxed hair to go natural was as a result of losing my edges, every two weeks I’d suffer through getting my hair washed, combed and pressed with a hot comb heated. Trimming off my relaxed ends was the only way I could regain the strength of my root. I had stop applying heat, relaxer and chemical strengthening agents (texturizer).
2. My motivation n inspiration came from my friends Idara inyan and Ngozi Norman. Also my love my natural hair inspired me to stay natural
3. About my  hair routine?? It’s not all about keeping natural hair, but it’s making sure that u take good care of it… So I make sure I wash and condition my hair at least once a month n also make sure dat I back it up with other natural hair products and some DIY home made treatments such as protein treatment, hot oil treatment DIY conditioner. Conditioning is one of the most important aspects of a natural hair care routine. It helps restore hair’s strength and it also may contribute to moisture retention. Even if you co-wash your hair, you definitely do not want to skip out on a deep conditioning session. This is especially important for those who color-treat their natural hair or frequently use heat. Everyday just through the manipulation of your hair, your hair looses vital protein that it needs.
4 . When it comes to choosing my natural hair products, what I take into consideration are the ingredients. From research, I found out that coconut oil, Shea Butter, jojoba oil, etc is very essential 4 a healthy natural hair so before choosing any hair product I make sure it contains either of it. Currently, MGL naturals most gorgeous looks coconut oil and Shea butter is my best ,,,,these product is the combination of coconut oil and Shea butter which smells so nice. My hair loves Coconut oil and Shea butter but because of it awful smell, I use them with care but this product serves as my substitute for raw coconut oil and Shea butter
5. Asking if I would advise my friend to go natural?? Oh yes, I would….. My reasons is that natural hair can do 100 times of what a relaxed hair can’t… For example, when it comes to styling, natural hair gives u exactly what u want and even more. Its is very versatile!
Just to encourage more people to transition to natural, I had to set up a blog website to enable lovers of natural get tips of how to keep their hair healthy. Yeah! Healthy
Join me on jaybushkinky.com and share your natural hair experience. Is fun meeting people that share the same passion with you.
6. How ma natural hair influences my style and personality….Ma natural hair influences ma style n personality in a very positive way which I admire a lot because I don’t go out a day with ma natural hair without getting compliments from at least 10 people, n I don’t just get compliments but very lovely compliments.
7. My natural hair is 1 year and 10 months old.
8. Sure there are some health hazard involved in growing natural hair…… Don’t panic! This can only happen if the products use contains some chemicals not suitable for the hair. Some chemical are worse than relaxer so when buying products just be careful.
Ensure that products you use do not contain any of the following:
* Gluten
* PABA or DEA (paraaminobenzoic acid and Diethanolamine)
* Parabens
* Paraffin
* Petrolatum and mineral oils
* Phthalates
* Propylene Glycol
* Sulfates: sodium or ammonium laureth or lauryl sulfate (SLS/ALS)
 Note: silicones used to be on the list but have been removed.
9.My most difficult challenge in maintaining my natural hair is managing its shrinkage and how to get the best natural hair products that best suit my hair because one has to keep trying till they discover the one suitable for your kinda hair…..its a process!
10. A lot of people are misinformed about the rules of natural hair, so I was!
My advice to every natural hair enthusiast is to do what suits their hair and also to build a regimen

Our first natural hair expo

First natural hair expo, Akwa Ibom state
Exhibition by Zapi botanics Port Harcourt at the expo
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