Hot oil Treatment


Why Hot Oil Treatment?

The purpose of performing hot oil treatments on your natural hair is to allow the heat  bring blood circulation to the scalp, which will open up the pores in your scalp to truly nourish and penetrate underneath the hair follicle to provide healthy, moisturized hair from the root. Performing the hot oil treatment only needs to be done once a week and should always be done on unwashed hair and followed up with shampoo and conditioning per usual.


Ways to do a Hot Oil Treatment.

Heat oil first: Heat up your favorite oil (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) in 30 second increments in the microwave until it is at the desired temperature (do not make the oil too hot). Apply directly onto unwashed hair and scalp. Apply a shower cap and leave on. To get the full benefits of the treatment, leave on for at least an hour (and can be left overnight).

Using heat: Apply your favorite oil to your unwashed hair and scalp thoroughly. Apply a shower cap or heating cap and sit under the dryer for 30minutes to an hour.

No heat: Apply your favorite oil to your unwashed hair an scalp thoroughly. Apply a shower cap and let sit at least one hour. (You can add a towel to wrap around the shower cap and your hair to capture even more heat.)

Our Recommended way to do a hot oil treatment is without any heat. Our scalp releases heat already, so all you need to do is capture it so that it may open your pores and allow the oil to penetrate with the help of a shower cap (and towel if you want). There’s no need to add heat using a microwave (to heat the oil) or with a dryer if you don’t have to.

N/B Pre-poo” is an oil treatment added to hair before shampooing or conditioning. In most cases doing this before exposing your hair to potentially harsh shampoos can help provide your hair with a little extra moisture. Then you cover it and leave it for few minutes. I cover mine for at least 30minutes.

Current product in my Cart:

=Coconut oil and Shea butter
=Optimum oil therapy
=Castor oil

=MGL coconut and Shea butter hair pomade

=Organic root stimulator( softening hair. &scalp lotion)

=Leave in,,Dr miracle
=Gentelle hair fruit

=Natural Vutal

=Nature vital

Product for my Twist and Curls include the following:
=Lock and twist
=Beautiful Texture Curl definer mousse
=Beautiful Texture. Moisture butter

Natural treatments with the following:


Shea butter
Coconut. Oil
Olive oil
Shea Moisturiser


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