Kid Sis story behind her Natural hair


Hello world, ‎Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday to you.

God bless you for the support and encouragements.

Good to be home. Had a brief chat with kid sis about her natural hair journey and it was wow. Our chat resulted in an interview section and I decided to share her story here.

She’s been through thick and thin just to keep natural,also cut her hair severally but I’m glad she has gone this far.

This is what she shared with me today……………………………….,

Sifon Bush: 1.The reason why I decided to cut my long relaxed hair jux to go natural was cos of my love 4 it

  1. My motivation n inspiration comes from my sister, jaybushkinky natural.
  2. Abt ma daily hair routine?? It’s not all about keeping natural hair, but it’s making sure that u take good care of it… So I make sure I wash and condition my hair at least once a month n also make sure dat I back it up with other natural hair products

3 . when it comes to choosing my natural hair products wat I take into consideration are the ingredients. From research, I found out that coconut oil, Shea Butter, jojoba oil, etc is very essential 4 a healthy natural hair so before choosing any hair product I make sure it contains either of it.
4. Asking if I would advise my friend to go natural?? Oh yes, I would….. My reasons is that natural hair can do 100 times of what a relaxed hair can’t… For example, when it comes to styling, natural hair gives u exactly what u want and even more.
5. How ma natural hair influences my style and personality….Ma natural hair influences ma style n personality in a very positive way which I admire a lot because I don’t go out a day with ma natural hair without getting compliments from at least 10 people, n I don’t just get compliments but very lovely compliments.

6. My natural hair is seven months old.
7. My most difficult challenge in maintaining my natural hair is shrinkage and how to get the best natural hair products. I tackle that with the help of big sis. All thanks to Jaybushkinky.

I never liked natural but seeing my sister’s healthy natural gave me motivation to cut my hair. What more would I have asked for. I have a natural hair blogger, stylist and instructor…. tell me why my natural hair won’t be healthy With such a rapid growth!

Enjoy your Xmas



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