Letter to Men


Letter to Men

You say that you are in love, yet nothing in you responds favourably to the one you love.
You treat your woman like every other person.
You respond to her without some depth of interest; nothing excites you whenever she is around, nothing appeals to you about her family.

Her Passions and Visions are nothing before your eyes, her birthday and important dates in her life means nothing to you. She can’t probably remember the last day she got an unexpected text message or a gift from you or when you took some interest in the state of her well being.

Well, my idea is not to hit the men hard but to be specific. I know that am affecting someone now. Nevertheless, the ladies too are inexcusable.

Sir, when you prefer the company of strangers to that of the person you claim to love, you are sowing wrong seeds in your relationship and marriage. When your spouse suddenly becomes too boring as you have now defined it, something unpleasant is gradually growing in your garden.

Go ahead and marry the whole Nation. Marry your busy schedules that takes your attention away from your spouse and the one you claim to love.

√ How can a relationship be dry and frustrating at an engagement stage?
√ What is going on behind the scene?
√ What is squeezing your attention?
√ You convince her that she should still go ahead and marry U, What will the future look like for both of you?

Some of you criticise and question your woman as if you are her project supervisor!
You verbally attack her as if she forced herself on you. Why not “Let her go” and stop frustrating her in the name of engagement.

Sad enough, you need to see these kind of men in the company of other close friends; they smile and contribute to discussions giving an impression that all is well at home and if they are married, they are the same clowns that dump their wives and children at home, hang around with friends till midnight then return home to eat good food prepared by the woman. Quote me…There is nothing outside your home other than temptations, troubles, and complications.

Young and Married Men hear me…

Some friends will abandon you when life places you in the centre stage of troubles (That’s my Experience). Others will give up because they can’t genuinely help you, some will quit the friendship and disappear, some will neglect your calls in a way you feel devastated.

At some point life challenges overshadows you, don’t forget that there is always a physical being after God to lean on, someone who is ready to condone your flaws and shame if only you are willing, someone who has been advising you but you wouldn’t adhere, someone that saw afar off, that person is your Lady!

Why not reverse the moving wheel, develop your morals, and increase your value, for of this you’ll sweep off her feet.

I Rest My Case.

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I hope you'll love to know more about this love doctor. Victor Firdance hails from Ikot Abasi L.G.A of Akwa Ibom State. Born and brought up in the multi-cultured, multi-cuisine flavours of Lagos State. A Writer, A Relationship Counsellor and a Purveyor of wisdom.


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