Letter To The Ladies


Letter To The Ladies.

If you are a lady and you are not doing anything, you spend 90% of your time on Facebook Uploading pictures, Chatting with guys and you are above 25 years of Age… Please know that time is running out….

If you didn’t go to school, it’s not the end of life…. Colonel Sanders was 62 when he founded KFC and the world has not recovered.

Aunty If I may ask…
√ Who is that guy wasting your life?
√ What have you placed value on?
If you don’t place value on yourself, very soon that guy will dump you.

The only way to know you value yourself is not by wearing the most expensive pancakes or fixing expensive hair with the money that a guy may have given to you. It’s by taking responsibility and being responsible.

The truth is that guys have become wiser over the years, they will not want to spend the rest of their lives with a Lady who will become a liability over time.

You are not doing anything, you have no skill and you say you are a sexy Lady..
Are there no other sexy girls with brains? Or are you the only Lady?

Take a decision right now!

Go out there and learn a skill, you can learn tailoring or hair-dressing if you didn’t finish your education.
Don’t let any guy intimidate you with his car. Develop yourself!

Stop Seeing Cars And Start Seeing The Stars In You!


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