My Natural Hair Journey


I started transitioning Nov 2015 and did my big chop march 2016. I love natural, it gives me joy to have gone natural. Well, about dealing with people who doubt me ,,,, I hate argument that’s why I give them the opportunity to have a feel of it. Seeing my fellow naturalistas gives me the reason to stay natural.
Natural hair trend isn’t exactly new , as history tells us that this look was especially popular back in the ’60s, but now it has been revive by naturalistas who sees beyond,,,,,,, yeah, i’m not myopic, i want to grow my hair to an imaginary length and the journey has just begun.
The natural hair look is very trendy right now! Get out
of the shower, put alittle bit of frizz-restraint cream
in your hair, And there you have a great, effortless do. There is also still a lot of misinformation about what’s involved in caring for natural hair.Please get the right information and don’t be misled.
Natural is our life style!

My goal is to grow a thick long natural to waist length, I know it seems impossible but I’ll get there. I know I can achieve this with the little attention I have given my hair, treatments and following the rules of natural. Its a process, so it’s in view for now.

5 products i have used so far,
Zapi Curl definer
MGL Shea butter and coconut oil
Cantu Shea butter
beautiful texture mousse
ORS twisting gel

I purchase my products from Zapi Botanics, Port Harcourt
and the interesting thing is that she produces the product and recommends base on your hair texture.

What i love about my natural,
I love the volume of my hair, it’s tick and full. It makes me feel unique. Despite the struggle of my spongy hair i still enjoy rocking it

Also,My natural hair is versatile, there’s nothing I don’t do with it. before I was scared cos I felt it will restrict me from doing some styles but now achievable
Combing, my major problem occur during my wash days.
My major challenge is managing the shrinkage.

Natural is lifestyle!


  1. I still remember when your natural was very short but now at its medium length stage. All the best in your natural hair journey


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