Product Review: Natur Vital Henna shampoo


Henna shampoo  protects Colour and gives healthy shiny hair. Best shampoo for coloured hair. A new double NATURAL ACTION formula that brightens and protects your colour. The result is soft,shiny hair with long lasting colour. The colour Shampoo contains natural ingredients Henna a natural colouring extract, makes your hair shiny and strong and gives it lots of body. The result is enhanced colour for your hair. Sunflower seeds extract is rich in polyphenals; these protect the hair from the aggression of ultra violet rays and free radicals.

1)Makes hair shiny
2)Makes hair soft and healthy
3)Suitable for use with permanent dyes
4) Sunflower  extract from Sunflower seeds protects the colour of natural and dyed hair from the aggression of ultra-violet rays…
5) Henna obtained from crushed dried henna leaves makes the hair shiny and strong and gives it lots of body. It also brightens natural and dyed hair colour.

It is used on wet hair and massage in gently. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse out with plenty water.



  1. I’m currently using this product, it smells so nice and gives my hair an incredible shine. please where can i get it in Akwa Ibom state?


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