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Hi natural sisters, how are we doing? Hope we are enjoying our natural journey, cos i am having a swell time with mine and this is a decision i am glad i took. Being natural is wonderful and exciting and i learn alot everyday. Going natural has its pecks, one of which I enjoy most is being able to flaunt my hair in any style I feel like and also be able to make any style that I want to. Many natural sisters think being natural limits you to just a number of hairstyles but that is not it, you can make any hairstyle you want to, whether its a trending hairdo or something from the archives you can rock it. Natural hair actually increases your options because you can carry your natural hair at will and look very beautiful or you can make that hairstyle you have been dreaming about and still look stunning, even on wash day you would still be looking good because your natural hair is amazing and would look good in whatever state as long as it is well kept.

Don't apply pressure to the edges.
All back weaving.

Some of us are getting discouraged because we feel we cannot rock that funky hairstyle that we are used to or we see and admire, well that’s a wrong notion cos we can rock whatever we want to. Whenever we want to groom our hair or just to protect it, we do not have to follow routine hair styles, we could get creative and do that style no one is doing or just be you and look uniquely beautiful being yourself and showcasing it. tmpdoodle1473941457765You could go with the regular braids or go for something else like a razorcut hairstyle (popularly known a rihanna), or what ever you are comfortable being your best self in, you could also go with that daring look you have been avoiding and wondered how it would look because of the nature of your hair. Looking good is a business worth going into and investing in, so being natural not only improves your options, it gives you an edge over others and you have the advantage of doing daring hairstyles and loving your look at all times. Natural is bae, so keep being the natural you.  Love u, love your hair and keep being you.

Two-strand twist.

More on protective hairstyles in the future.Feel free to send pictures of natural hair so we deliberate on how to keep your hair healthier with the use products such as lotion, oil, moisturizing growth lotion, replenishing conditioner, creamy Aloe shampoo, conditioning therapy, shea butter organic oil, castor black oil, Alma oil, coconut oil, argan oil, honey with banana mixture , honey with avocado pear, honey with egg,,,,,,,,,,,,,hmmm, too numerous to mention. Note: Keep trying till you use the one suitable for your hair, what is good for my kinky hair might not be good for your hair.

Try out!

Look out for my next post on transitioning

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  1. I may be a guy but I love it when girls pride their natural hair. This is one thing i admire in the great Nigerian Novelist Chimamanda Adichie. Such naturalness is awesome to behold! Thanks for this insightful post. I need to show it to my …

  2. Uhmmmm

    Natural Hair….. Ladies can’t appreciate, coa their world is full of fashion of lastest hairs…..

    Do they really know the danger? I love been natural, even body cream, I say no to it!

  3. Yea Rauf, I’m still happy for some of them that transitioned to natural through this platform and I got some lovely testimonies about the results of their lovely natural . Its fun!

  4. I feel so glad when I see people appreciate the beauty of natural. Most people see natural as its time consuming but I see the reverse of it. I can’t see myself spending hours in salon. Pls save your precious time.Thanks friends for the support.


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