The Beauty of Natural


​Natural hair is a very component of the body. When you see people grow and maintain the natural hair I’m sure you always like it. Jaybushkinky loves it. 

Are you having problems growing your hair?

Having challenges getting the right products for your hair?

Having problems getting your hair treated?

And other basic information about natural hair then you are visiting the right blog-website.

This is a natural hair site that promotes healthy natural hair,styles, products, and treatments relating to natural hair.

Natural hair is sweeping the nation and it seems like most Nigerian women are getting in on the movement and are ditching their relaxers and chemical strengthening kits to embrace the trend.

The natural hair movement has gained momentum and even adopted by some notable celebrities such as:

Nse Ikpe, Omoni Oboli, Yemi Alade, Belinda Effah, Yvonne Nelson, Lydia For son, Juliet Ibrahim,Uche Jumbo,Choima chukwuka, and even more.

Even some lovely brides rock it natural and it looks glamorous for the special occasion.

The current trend isn’t exactly new had history tells us that this look was especially popular back then in 60s and 70s. The Afro of then was not just a style of a period nor a mere political statement, it indicated a persons tribe and social status. Just about everything about a persons identity could be learned from the hair.

In the 80s, the natural hair movement slowed down and ultimately came to an end. So why is natural making such a come back?


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