The Movement of Natural Hair By KONYE CHELSEA NWABOGOR


The natural hair movement is sweeping the nation and it seems that most Nigerian women are getting in on the movement and are ditching their relaxers and chemical straightening kits to embrace this trend.
What exactly does going natural mean?
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word natural as not having any extra substances or chemical added: not containing anything artificial. The meaning of the phrase can differ from one woman to the next, but most agree on this – natural hair is hair that no longer straightened through the use of chemical relaxers. The hair is as close to its original state and texture as possible.
Unlike maintaining relaxed or straight hair, naturally curly hair needs to be tended too much more often. Hair experts suggest that natural hair be handled delicately and moisturized daily, as curly hair tends to lose moisture faster than straight hair. Although styling hair in a way that’s flattering when dealing with uniquely textured hair can be difficult, many women are still opting to rock their natural locks.