Versatility of Kinky Natural Hair


Felt so happy today when I realized my hair is two inches longer, the journey might seem far but don’t be discourage Dear naturalista. It might look short and annoying but it’s a matter of time, short while ?! img_20160913_211929My previous twist was shorter than this,,,,,,, and that was just few weeks ago so chill cos it’s not magic but a gradual process. The shrinkage might make it look shorter the the length of your natural but don’t be scared, your hair is growing .?Saw a pix of a natural sister on Instagram and it was wow! Believe, we will get thereimg-20160915-wa0003photogrid_1473797430617


I twisted my hair last night, wrapped the twist in form of bantuknot, losen the twist the following morning and got a lovely twist-out. This particular twist out was a trial but it came out well irrespective of the fact that I didn’t add any product, no curling gel. Let’s keep it natural! If you wanna join me, Avoid relaxer! Texturizer! And hair products that contain sulphate and parabens. img-20160915-wa0006


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