4 Things One should Know Before Transitioning to Natural hair.


Questions people ask!

What is natural hair?
Natural hair is not having any extra substances or chemical added;0: not containing anything artificial. The meaning of the word differ from one woman to the next but must agree on this …. natural hair is hair that is no longer straightened through the use of chemical straightening agents
Natural women, on the other hand prefer the versatility of styling, being able to revert between curly and straight styles.

In some instances, women who prefer natural styling are at times frowned upon by relaxed women who sometimes jeer at their hair texture referring to it as nappy or rough.   Not all women who choose not to relax their hair are “for the cause,” so to speak.   She may simply desire to rid her hair of chemical processing and avoid the risk of damage that may follow.   She might also find processed hair to be somewhat of a nuisance and more difficult to attain fullness in her styling.   She might find that she can grow and maintain longer lengths with natural hair.
What is chemically processed hair?
Relaxed hair has gone through a chemical process which removes the strong curl in hair, making it somewhat straight, or “relaxed”.

Relaxing hair may make it more manageable but it also has its setbacks.   When the bond is broken allowing kinky hair to become straight, it also weakens the hair follicle.   Because of this, relaxed hair is more susceptible to breakage.   By nature straighter hair is less dry and if this is the deciding factor between relaxed and natural, then relaxed wins easily. While some natural ladies feel as if women who choose to relax their hair are betraying their African roots, relaxed ladies feel that they are constantly under attack by the naturals over their choice to process their hair.

This is typically when the hair is allowed to grow for a duration of time without relaxing the new growth. This means that one needs to manage both the relaxed ends and the unrelaxed hair the same time, which is very difficult to manage.
This go from few months, my transitioning duration was three months before I did my bug chop. It can also go from a month to a year.
The duration starts from when one stops applying relaxed on the hair till the period they cut off the new growth. Some people take a longer period to transition which could even last for more than a year but the longer the duration the difficult it is.
Big Chop
This is the stage one typically cuts off the relaxed bends after the transition period, when there’s new growth.
This is done by using a pair of scissors to trim off the relaxed ends and also stopping the application of relaxer. N/B Texturizers are mild relaxers so if you really want to stay natural stay off chemical straightening agents.



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